HiFlow³ at a glance

HiFlow3 is a multi-purpose finite element software providing powerful tools for efficient and accurate solution of a wide range of problems modeled by partial differential equations (PDEs). Based on object-oriented concepts and the full capabilities of C++ the HiFlow³ project follows a modular and generic approach for building efficient parallel numerical solvers.  At a glance, the HiFlow³ house:

  • C++ Finite-Element Package
  • Open source license
  • large-scale coupled problems modelled by PDEs
  • efficient and accurate solvers
  • Tools for Uncertainty Quantification (UQ)
  • hardware-aware numerics (GPU, Multicore, Cell, ...)
  • scalability and High Performance Computing; from laptop to clusters
  • geared towards software as a service in a cloud-computing framework


The HiFlow³ relies on a holistic approach encompassing the areas of mathematical modeling, numerical simulation, optimization, hardware aware numerics, high performance and data intensive computing  for the solution of complex problems. Typical applications are: medical engineering, meteorology, climate research and energy research. All these problems have in common a very high complexity of the systems under study, mathematical models with strong couplings, and large requirements of computer resources such as memory and CPU speed. Due to the wide variety of models, assumptions, requirements, and purposes of the problem settings usually different software aspects need to be considered in the simulation and optimization cycles. HiFlow³ aims at offering an efficient and flexible platform to cope with theses challenges.

The development of Hiflow3 is powered by