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Current team

Behind HiFlow³ stands a team of many experienced and new researchers in the field of numerical mathematics and High Performance Computing. This team forms the core of the Engineering Mathematics and Computing Lab (EMCL) under the direction of Prof. Dr. Vincent Heuveline. The EMCL is part of the IWR at the Heidelberg University and is dedicated to interdisciplinary research activities with focus on technology transfer in the domains of scientific computing, numerical optimization, high-performance computing and related topics.


Name Function
Martin Baumann Developer: Baroclinic Wavetank, Global Mesh, Tensor Linear Algebra, Time-Space-FEM, Tropical Cyclone Scenario; Advisor: DoF/FEM, POD
Teresa Beck Management: Project-Coordination, homepage; Developer: Baroclinic Wavetank, Tropical Cyclones, h-Adaptivity, Periodicity; Advisor: Tools&Common
Simon Gawlok Developer: Domain Decomposition Methods, FESpace, Project - Code Optimization, POD; Advisor: Assembly, Linear Solver
Vincent Heuveline Management: Project-Coordination
Maximilian Hoecker Management: Releasemanagement; Advisor: Testserver
Jonas Kratzke Developer: Fictitious Domain Method, Fluid and Structure Interaction, Structural Mechanics; Advisor: Testserver
Michael Schick Developer: Tensor Linear Algebra, Uncertainty Quantification; Advisor: DoF/FEM, (Non-)Linear Solvers
Mareike Schmidtobreick Developer: Fokker-Planck Equation, GASPI interface, Generic Parallel Datastructure,
Nicolai Schoch Developer: Structural Mechanics, X-FEM
Jonathan Schwegler Developer
Martin Wlotzka Management: Tutorials; Advisor: FESpace, Linear Algebra