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25. 06. 2018 :: :: Printable version
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Blood Flow Simulation through a stenosed Aorta

The pressure distribution and the blood flow in a stenosed aorta was simulated. The results showed a pressure drop at the stenosis and higher vorticity in the aortic bow due to the pathology. Along with these flow properties, increased wall shear stresses occurred in the area of the stenosis. In general, blood flow simulations together with wall shear stress evaluations can support cardiologists in risk analysis and surgical planning.

Technical Details

For this simulation the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations were solved on a tetrahedrally mesh with HiFlow┬│. Linear and quadratic finite elements were used for the pressure and the velocity, respectively, resulting in 322550 degrees of freedom. The inflow rate emulated the pulsatile flow emerging from a heart beat. For the time stepping, the Crank-Nicolson method was used.

Further Information

The simulation was carried out in the scope of the AstemViz project.